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Summer General Membership Letter

Pentecost, 2003

Dear Members and Friends,

In this Pentecost season, we celebrate new spirit and energy in the life of the church. I am writing a very important message to our membership and constituency in APCM. This letter is to assess the current strengths and the possible future for our national caucus.

In the last couple of years there has been a declining interest in the life of the association. Even with some response from newer members, some of our long-term supporters have ceased their interest for various reasons, including age, illness, or investment in other concerns. That is part of reality.

One reason for declining interest was our inability to hold a meeting. In the last several years, we have not had a group of people in any location able to provide the necessary support to host a meeting. Much is needed when a group of people who have a variety of disabilities represented among them come together needing accessible overnight accommodations, accessible local transportation, and personal support services. Without such assistance, we have not been able to come together as a group. Add to this the fact that funding sources beyond individual membership dues have been discontinued. We do still have funds available in our treasury.

We still have:

  • several people with disabilities who have shared confidential stories about their difficulties finding support during their process into, or life in, the ministry ;
  • some who have found our web site helpful or interesting;
  • support from individual members; and
  • a few people who have expressed some preliminary interest in taking on future leadership roles in APCM.

The result of all this is to ask how many on our constituent list wish to see the life of this caucus continue. Please do not send any dues or financial support at this time, but respond with your interest in seeing the caucus continue to live on, or to appreciate our decade-plus history but move on into other ways of being involved. I will report the result of your response by the end of July. If we do continue, we will have time to gear up for General Conference 2004.

I also need to share that the Rev. Ed Arthur, one of the founding members and our first treasurer, died unexpectedly on March 15. Our prayers are with his family.

Wishing You God's Peace,
John A. Carr
Executive Director