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Disability Concerns: Some Ideas for the New Year

by John A. Carr
January 14, 2003

As we have gone beyond the first days of most resolutions broken, it is time for those of us who claim to be interested in justice issues around disability rights to become active and serious. I pose some possibilities and would invite those who see this to suggest more.

1. If you have a disability and if you are interested in increasing understanding among United Methodists, arrange within the next month to meet with some church leader to share something about your life and faith experience. If this cannot be done in person, do it in some other form of communication.

2. If you are a United Methodist who does not have a disability, within the next month you can seek out someone with a disability and ask if you can better understand some of the issues that they face in their life, church life, and faith journey.

3. If you are someone with responsibilities beyond the local church level, can you find a way to see if your meetings are accessible and if there are ways that people with disabilities can enrich the meetings?

I invite responses and other suggestions to the points listed above. I urgently invite all who read this to share in this adventure.
The Rev. John A. Carr, Executive Director
Association of Physically Challenged Ministers of the United Methodist Church