The Association of Ministers with Disabilities is a caucus of the United Methodist Church.
You can learn more about our mission and vision here.

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General Meetings

Conference Call, May 2019
General Meeting, August 2018
General Meeting, July 2015
General Meeting, July 2013
General Meeting, October 2009
General Meeting and hymn "Celebrate Challenge", October 1990
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Committee Chairs Conference Calls

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Dramatis Personae

photo of Eric Pridmore's guide dog Atlas Atlas, Our Fearless Leader
Atlas is Professor of Dogmatic Theology at Pridmore Hall and feels as competent as any two-legged person at providing guidance in all kinds of theological and practical questions. Atlas holds a C.S.D. from The Seeing Eye of New Jersey.


photo of Hank Jenkins Hank Jenkins, co-chair no photo available Jonathan Campbell, co-chair
no picture available Brian Burch, Secretary Greg Edwards Greg Edwards, Treasurer


Paul Crikelair, Nominations Committee Jackson Day, Legislative Action Committee
Gary Dillensnyder Gary Lake Dillensnyder, Media Assistant William Downing, Finance Committee Chair
Lisa Jordan Evy McDonald Evy McDonald
Lisa McKee, Continuing Education and Seminary Relations Eric Pridmore Rev. J. Eric Pridmore, Finance Committee
no photo available LeoDocia "Dodie" Risse, Publicity and Promotion co-chair
Lynn Swedberg, Program Committee Consultant
Tim Vermande Tim Vermande, Webmaster, Nominations Committee photograph of Nancy Webb Nancy J. Webb, Committee on Nominations
photograph of Bob Walker Bob Walker, Legislative Action (Emeritus) John Carr, photo not available John Carr, Chair Emeritus


series photos of ministers with disabilties